Dr. Sketchy's

Dr. Sketchy's Official Rainy Day Colouring Book

by Molly Crabapple and John Leavitt

Finally in print - the official companion volume to Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School! Dr. Sketchy's Official Rainy Day Colouring Book is one part DIY handbook, one part activity book on acid, and one part history of the Sketch Revolution. To sweeten the broth, we've added dozens of photos, paper dolls, colouring book pages and puppets of Amber Ray, Lolita Haze, Little Brooklyn, Audra Gwarskitty,and all your other favorite Dr. Sketchy's models. 

Much like popular Victorian cure-all tonics, Dr. Sketchy's Official Rainy Day Colouring Book is a natrual cure for boredom, apathy, shingles, gout, sobriety, and erectile dysfunction. It can even buy you Love! (or at least explain how to hire her for an evening to strip down to her pasties). Lovingly illustrated, adorned with dirty humor and black wit, this book is twice as good as James Joyce's Ulysses - and three times as sexy. 

This Book Contains: 192 Pages. 11 Paper Dolls. 9 Colouring Book Pages. 6 Interviews. 1 Maze. 3 Word Puzzles. 1 Board Game. 7 Good Ideas. 4 Bad Ideas. 2 ways to make Invisible Ink. 9 drink recipies. 1 Evil Curse. 2 cut-out pasties. 68 new Molly Crabapple illustrations. 17 John Leavitt cartoons. 1 Fred Harper cartoon. 4 playlists. 1 false history. 2 accurate histories. 1 way to rule the world.

Praise for Dr. Sketchy's

"A glittering, fragmented ode to all things boozy, busty, and burlesque."  – Venus Zine

"Dr Sketchy's has gone from New York treasure to international phenomenon in a handful of months: a little piece of imaginary Twenties Paris where anyone who can hold a pencil may sketch beautiful burlesque models while sinking booze or sipping coffee. It's a wonderful thing: and only the Brooklyn Renaissance Woman that is Molly Crabapple could tell you about it this well."   – Warren Ellis, author of Transmetropolitan

"For the art lovers in your life, Dr. Sketchy's Official Rainy Day Colouring Book (drsketchy.com, $20) delivers the curvaceous wenches artist Molly Crabapple's known for, and comes complete with a board game, drink recipes, cutout pasties, and 'bad ideas.'"  – Rachel Kramer Bussel, Village Voice

A Cavalcade of Depraved Beauties: 

Dr. Sketchy's 2008 Pinup Calendar

by Molly Crabapple

Count the days with Dr. Sketchy's models from around the world — featuring Aprella, Michelle L'Amour, Indigo Blue, Zoetica Ebb, and eight more bombshells of the underground.

NOTE: This is a 2008 calendar.

Praise for Dr. Sketchy's

"Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School is a twice-a-month event combining art, booze, burlesque, and punk rock. Since December of 2005, it's served as a lifeline for aspiring artists sick of boring drawing classes featuring colorless models under harsh lighting... and now it has a companion textbook. Part memoir, part how-to, and part bald-faced lie, this book contains everything you need to know to create a slice of 1920s Paris Bohemia in your own fair city. It also has fun activities you can cut out and play with, but don't be fooled, this book is not for children. With a jovial yet biting Neo-Victorian wit, Molly's words and illustrations walk you through the different types of Art Monkeys that show up to draw her saucy burlesque babes ( the drunk doodler, the crouching masturbator ), the particulars of pasties, and the entire history of depraved life drawing. There are drink recipes, bad ideas, paper dolls, and even a maze (Dr. Sketchy has lost his beloved gin! Can you help him find it?). For anyone interested in how underground phenomena come to fruition, this book is edifying. For everyone else, it s a schizoid romp through Molly's mind."  – Jamie Peck, The L Magazine